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Suite 16’s “Who I Wanna Be” – OUT NOW

The boys of Suite 16 are back with a heartfelt new ballad called “Who I Wanna Be”. This is one of their strongest songs so far, and we have a feeling that all their suitehearts are going to love it. Check it our on Spotify!

Single release – Suite 16

We’re so excited about releasing the debut single for our very new band Suite 16. The song is called Stupid Lovesong, and is produced by the Eccentric producers Joakim Haukaas & Alexander ‘Rykkinnfella’ Austheim. Listen to the sing here!

TV-launch – Prosjekt:Boyband

  We’re so excited about this announcement: Today our boyband project (Project XY) is launched at The process has been going on for a while, with hundreds of applications from talented boys all over Norway, heated discussions over who’s going to be picked, quite a bit of traveling to[…]