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Suite 16’s Who I Wanna Be is climbing the charts!

Over the last couple of weeks Rykkinfella’s remix of Suite 16’s “Who I Wanna Be” has been slowly but steady climbing up the charts. It started with Shazam, and now it is climbing up the Spotify Top 100 chart. It is currently sitting comfortably at nr. 83, but keeps rising[…]

Adelén, Alexandra Joner og Sandra Lyng opptrer på Kjendisgallaen!

Fikk dere med dere det forrykende showet på kjendisgallaen til Se og Hør? Adelén, Alexandra Joner og Sandra Lyng gjorde en brennhet versjon av “Bang Bang”, opprinnelig av Jessie J, Ariana Grande og Nicki Minaj. De satte virkelig stemningen for kvelden, og fikk voldsom applaus fra salen. Klikk på linken[…]

Chinook is a Spotify Spotlight-artist!

Chinook has been chosen as one of Spotify’s fifteen Norwegian Spotlight-artists! This is a list of artists that Spotify believes will make it big in 2016, and we couldn’t agree more! Her latest single “Dancing In Flames” is just the beginning, there is much more to come. We are so[…]