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Alexander Austheim goes by the name Rykkinnfella, started out producing hip hop, but has today a more modern and electronic mix.

He received a Norwegian Grammy already back in 2008.

Rykkinnfella gained great success producing the debut single for a Finnish kid called Isac Elliot (New Way Home), that really put him on the map.

Had a number one on the radio chart this summer together with Bearson feat. Cal and the song “Want You”. This year he also had a big hit with the boyband Suite 16 and the song “Who I Wanna Be”.

Is now part of a production trio called JCY, where he produces all the tracks. JCY were the warm-up act for Chainsmokers when they had a gig in Norway this fall. Their latest release “Waisting Your Time ft. Alida” has been climbing the charts, and is well on its way to reach platinum plaque status in Norway!