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21 y.o. Mileo is an encounter between exotic indie and commercial pop. His wide multicultural background has had  a great impact on how he creates and expresses music. Born and raised on a wine-farm in the outback of Australia by his musical mother and artist father, he has always been around a creative environment.

His single “Know You Better” was released in the beginning of 2016, got listet in big Spotify playlists in the U.S.,  and got a lot of attention on Hypemachine.

To get the visions in his head across, he does everything from writing, producing and singing himself. He invites you into his universe through his unique sound, and vocal expression. His new single is “Worry” is no exception, which is self written and produced. The song has an exotic production, and together with Adelén he gives the song a cool and moody vibe. Listen to “Worry” and his other singles here: